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As the UK’s Covid vaccination programme rolls out and the we plan for the end of lockdown, do you have a plan in place for facilitating a safe return to work for your staff and encouraging vaccine take-up as an employer?

Since Get Your Jabs was set up last year, we have been helping Britons understand the importance of vaccinations and tackling vaccine hesitancy through open dialogues with communities, educating on the benefits and dispelling myths. Looking to 2021, we are expanding this programme to help businesses put operational and internal communication processes in place which:

  • Facilitate a Covid-safe return to work for all employees through the use of online, trackable tests which ensure all those returning to the office are up to speed on how to minimise risk to themselves and their colleagues
  • Help team leaders spot when a team member may be dealing with mental health challenges as a result of the pandemic and outline clear processes for addressing this and connecting them with the appropriate help providers
  • Educate about the importance of vaccine take up for all whom are eligible and can safely do so 
  • Tackle the very real threat posed by vaccine hesitancy at an employer level
  • Help you work smoothly with local health authorities to arrange vaccination at work programmes, something we know the government will support for the under 50’s as society reopens 
Get Your Jabs is supported by US campaign WhyWeVax, which this year is activating a similar programme, built on the insight that leadership in promoting vaccine acceptance and defusing anti-vaccine sentiment is a key way to tackle this important issue. Protecting your workforce by ensuring they choose to get their jabs is the best way to avoid getting tied up in knots over “no jab/no job”, and as we seek to return to a fully functioning economy, businesses like yours can play a leading role in ensuring we get the best possible uptake of vaccines across the UK.
A full overview of our programme with an explanation of the strategy and insights it is built on is attached. If you are interested in working with College Green Group on any / all of the above, please respond to this email and I will arrange some time for us to discuss. 


The search for a safe and effective Covid vaccine is the World’s no1 medical priority