Can you help protect your community?

At difficult times, communities look to their leaders for guidance and leadership. Building community immunity is essential to keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Early reports that BAME communities have been reluctant to take up invitations to get their Covid-19 vaccinations – despite clear evidence that they are more likely to be seriously ill or die, should they develop the disease – have seen action from Government and the NHS. We’re pleased to see take up rates have increased.

We have set out below how you can help us to spread the message – not the virus – to your family, friends and neighbours. 

Have you had all your vaccinations? If you need to check, book an appointment with your GP and if not, then get your jabs and boosters.

Tell people that you have a had your jabs.

If you are a faith leader, build it into what you say to your congregation. It doesn’t need to be a whole lesson, just make sure people know you got your jabs and why it is important that they do too, so your whole community can be safe. 

WhatsApp is where it’s at. So is Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Take a picture, post an item, use the hashtag #IGotMyJabs or #GetYourJabs and let’s make this go, err, viral…..

We need to build a “community of immunity” and you can play your part.

People who have concerns about vaccines will come to you for advice.

On our “Resources” page, you can get lots of data and information about the effectiveness of vaccines, news about where they are being rolled out in the developing world and how effective they have been at saving lives. 

Most importantly, talk to people openly about why you chose to get your jabs in order to protect you, your family and your community.

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