The UK is vaccinating more people than almost all other countries, but infections, hospitalisations and, sadly, deaths, are all still rising.

We are here to help Government, Councils, health professionals and employers with resources to mount campaigns to boost vaccination rates.

We want everyone to #GetYourJabs and help us return to more normal times.

What is Covid-19

Covid-19 changed all our lives. Read about the illness caused by coronavirus. 

The Covid-19 Vaccine

Read about the unprecedented global cooperation that has delivered new vaccines against Covid-19.

Are BAME communities more hesitant?

There is evidence of greater hesitancy in certain communities. We take a look at why.

why communities matter

Community protection comes from mass vaccination. Learn here how you can help.

Medical professionals

We’ve assembled all the data and information you might want to share about vaccinations

Who Got Their Jabs?

Vaccination is a normal part of everyone’s healthcare. But we’ve got a few surprises for you