About Our Campaign

Rolling out a world class vaccination project is of vital importance. College Green Group campaign consultancy is supporting the latest research and messaging to ensure effective roll out of vaccines. We fully support the rapid deployment of Covid vaccines that have passed full clinical trials and we know that trust will be a vital factor in any successful vaccination programme. 

Our goal is that it once again becomes routine to get your jabs!

High vaccination rates (90% +) are essential to achieve the “herd immunity” necessary to protect communities if they come into contact with infected people, but most importantly, it protects those that can not have vaccinations for medical reasons.

Falling take up of vaccines is a major concern and outbreaks of measles, for example, have been rising, particularly in developed nations. This is one of the largest challenges facing healthcare systems. 

The Covid pandemic has demonstrated that even with a disease which develops relatively slowly and has a relatively low rate of mortality, the impacts both on healthcare systems and economies are potentially catastrophic. Rebuilding trust in vaccination as the way to control infectious diseases is crucial to dealing with the current pandemic and preparing the world for future ones.

College Green Group uses its profits and spare campaign capacity to do projects for the greater good and this campaign is one that will need some of the most significant tactical and strategic support. We are building an advisory panel of political, medical, scientific and media representatives who support and will guide our campaign to maximum effectiveness.

Across the world, similar campaigns exist and we are working with Why We Vax from the USA. 

We hope to grow our network of supporters, partners and collaborators as this campaign develops.

There are a group of people who actively campaign against vaccination. Many of their claims are exaggerated and/or presented out of context. These claims then create concern, particularly amongst soon-to-be parents and new parents who, rightly, have the welfare of their children uppermost in their thoughts. 

Our mission is to provide clear and balanced advice  and information so you can make an informed choice.

We want to firmly, but fairly rebut the anti-vaccination arguments and explain how the benefits of vaccination for individuals, families and communities far outweigh the very slight risk of serious side-effects.

Now that safe and effective Covid vaccines are being delivered, we want to work with organisations and companies which will support and drive forward the pro-vaccination message. It is our goal that the world is once again able to move forward with the eradication of dangerous infectious diseases.

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